Our lunchtime menu

From 12.00 to 15.30

For salad-lovers


small side salad
€ 3,50

large mixed salad
with leafy salad of the season, fresh raw vegetable salad, red onions, olives, pepperoni and pickled feta cheese
€ 7,50

Schildhorn salad plate 
various salads of the season with prawn skewer 
€ 10,20

For dressing, choose from vinegar & oil / sour cream or house dressing

House specialities


home-made "Bürgerlich" beef olive
with ham, onions and cucumber plus steamed potatoes and red cabbage with apples
€ 11,30

Wild boar goulash
with mushrooms and chestnuts served with cranberries in Williams bon chrétien pear, winter salad with walnut dressing and potato croquettes
€ 14,80

From the water


2 fried herrings (pickled by ourselves)
with onion rings, fried potatoes and side salad
€ 9,20  

fried fillet of zander 
with almond broccoli, hollandaise sauce and parsleyed potatoes
€ 15,10



pan of potato and broccoli
Fried potatoes with onions, broccoli and egg
€ 6,10

Plate of Mediterranean vegetables with bulgur
with fresh vegetables and herbs from our own garden, served with a garlic baguette
€ 9,80

Desert and ice-cream menu


Home-made red fruit pudding
with vanilla sauce € 3,50
with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and cream € 4,50

Iced coffee or iced chocolate
a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in coffee or chocolate with a layer of cream
€ 4,60

Gourmet bowl (Langnese)
in 2 delicious sorts: chocolate/vanilla or strawberry/vanilla with cream
€ 4,80